Thai Garden Village at Jinjang, Kuala Lumpur

I was having my exam last month and like everyone else, I didn’t have the mood to eat. All I can think of is to get my stomach filled and to continue studying until the day of my exam. But VK told me that if I want to do well in my exams, one of the most important thing I have to do is to make my stomach happy. “What will make your stomach happy if not for good food”, he says. And so, very reluctantly, I grab my gears and we head on to Thai Garden Village.

As it was the first time we were at Thai Garden Village, we ordered their restaurant favourites – steamed lala. The lalas were imported from the Phillipines, and I got to say that this is the best steamed lala I’ve ever tasted. It was really fresh and tasty. Thai Garden Village is very generous with their ingredients, look at the amount of garlics and gingers on our lalas.


Claypot Crab with Vermicille is one their recommended dish too. The crab is so huge that it was crammed to fit the claypot. This is the biggest crab that I’ve eaten. It was really meaty. The only down side to this dish is that the vermicille was a little bit too salty towards the end.


Kang Kung belacan – one of the best that I’ve ever had.


Barbeque Squid was a little bit rubbery. I didn’t really like it because it attracts a lot of flies to our table.


Below are some of the pictures I took around Thai Garden Village. As we were there in the evening, we had the opportunity to capture both the day and night view of the restaurant.


Thai Garden Village, staffs are really friendly. I think some of them are not local and possibly of Thai national as some of them speaks in foreign language.

"Thai Garden Village" malaysia

At first we thought Thai Garden Village is a buffet restaurant, but we were told that they only caters buffet for functions only. So if you are planning to get a caterer, you should take Thai Garden Village into consideration too. They serves really good Thai food.

"Thai Garden Village" malaysia

Here, you will find no trouble looking for parkings as the restaurant is located at the factory area. There are no parking charges too.

"Thai Garden Village" malaysia

"Thai Garden Village" malaysia

"Thai Garden Village" malaysia

"Thai Garden Village" malaysia

If you are not familiar with Jinjang, just look for Shell station along Jalan Kepong. The restaurant is just right beside Shell station.

Restaurant Details:

Thai Garden Village – HALAL
Address: Lot 32713, 6 1/2 Mlie, Jalan Kepong, 52000 Kuala Lumpur. (next to Shell station)
Tel : 016-2100 351
Business Hour: 11am to 12pm – DAILY


  • kepong guy
    August 19, 2011 - 7:28 pm | Permalink

    Hi there,Apple Foodees,

    Actually I’m new on your blog,been quite active reading food blog especially in Kepong here.

    Firstly,I really happy someone talking food in Kepong especially the Tmn Ehsan satay which I also dunno.

    Seems that you est alot and try alot of goodies at outside.Can I give a little comment on your blog.

    You should give some marking on below things ( 1-5 )

    a) Environment
    b) Taste
    c) Service
    d) Appeareance of the foods
    e) Price (This is the mosts important)

    Maybe you should draw some map for ppl to look for the stalls.You might said, got GPS mah but how about the ppl dun have GPS and also not familiar with the place. Some kindergarden drawing might help alot.

    Hope you can do more better and more reader read your food blog..

    Jia Yu

  • August 25, 2011 - 1:42 pm | Permalink

    Been here once but not yet blog about it 😛
    I love the lala..

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