Pinang Lanta Seafood Steamboat Restaurant at Kepong

Last week was a very hectic week. The weather wasn’t very good too. It rained so heavily that many parts of Kuala Lumpur were flooded. Since it was a rainy season, again, we found ourselves hunting for steamboat restaurants. So we went to Pinang Lanta Seafood Restaurant. Pinang Lanta Seafood Restaurant is not only a normal seafood restaurant, but here they also serves steamboat.


The ingredients served here are quite different from the other steamboat restaurants in Kepong. I suppose the suppliers that they use are not the same as the rest. Compared to their neighbour Happy City, Penang Lanta Seafood Restaurant seafood ingredients are fresh, but not the freshest that you can find here. It was nevertheless good enough.


There are a number of choices of soup base. Looking through the menu, we decided to go with something different from the common plain chicken stock soup, the Garoupa and Yam Soup for RM16.90. There are many pieces of garoupa fish fleshes which we didn’t expect at all. For only Rm16.90 a person for garoupa base soup, this is one of the best soup bases I find in a steamboat restaurant.


There are two different prices for their soup base; RM16.90 and RM13.80 which are also refillable for free. Soup only, fish meat not refillable.


We also ordered additional slices of beef just to try the other stuffs they have here.


Pinang Lanta Seafood Restaurant had a mini boat-like seafood “wet-market” in the restaurant.


Customers can either select fresh seafood ingredients from this mini boat or fresh water ingredients from the aquarium next to it.


Overall, we enjoyed our steamboat very much. Our total bill comes up to about RM50 for the two of us, inclusive of 2 herbal drinks.


Details of this restaurant:
Penang Lanta Seafood Steamboat Restaurant
Address: 5 Jalan Metro Perdana Timur 2 Kepong Entreprenurs Park, 52100 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur
Tel No. : 016-3772028
GPS Coordinates: N 3.213, E101.646


  1. I only had steamboat at Happy City next to this 😛

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