Klasik Satay Station Restaurant at Taman Kepong Indah

While looking through my Facebook wall the other day, I realize that Klasik Satay had just moved from Restaurant O’din to their very own shop, Klasik Satay Station in Taman Kepong Indah. As we didn’t have any plans we decided to go to Klasik Satay Station that very evening. If you do not know Kepong very well, just take the road towards FRIM from Kepong. The roads around FRIM are filled with Klasik Satay’s banner, so we didn’t have any trouble arriving at their new restaurant.

Klasik Satays

Klasik Satay’s satay didn’t change much. It remains among the better satays around Kepong. However, if I were to compare between the mutton satay, beef satay and chicken satay, the mutton satay is the better satay among the other two. The mutton satay is priced at RM1.20 per stick, beef satay at RM1 per stick and chicken satay at RM0.70 per stick.

Malaysia Nasi Lemak

Unlike their previous stall, here Klasik Satay’s menu here is more extensive. Nasi Lemak, Jawa Mee and Laksa Mee are some of the new items they have on their menu satays alone are not enough to make a complete dinner. Their nasi lemak’s version is the spicy type and is priced at RM1.00 per packet.

Klasik Mee Jawa

Their Jawa Mee @ RM4.50 is very good too. The sauce was thick and it was sweet and salty at the same time. This is so much better than Old Town Kopitiam’s version of Jawa Mee. Just squeeze some of that lime on to your bowl of noodle for better taste.

Mee Laksa

Laksa also at RM4.50, on the other hand wasn’t very good. I didn’t like it as it was just too diluted.

Klasik Satay Cooks

Klasik Satay Station

Details of this place:

Klasik Satay Station Restaurant
Address: Jalan 1/1a ,Taman Kepong Indah, 52100 Kuala Lumpur
Business hours: Mon – Sun: 5:00pm – 12:00am
GPS Coordinates: N3 13.662 E101 38.308


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    Would like to try this since they were at O’din :)

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    yummy, love it.

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