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Indian Food Malaysia Solaris Mont Kiara

Leaf Dining South Indian Restaurant at Solaris Mont Kiara

Are you craving for some Indian food? If you are in the Klang Valley, there are two place in the Klang Valley which you can find many Indian restaurants, that is Brickfields and Bangsar. There are many other Indian eateries else where but there are limited choices. Indian food doesn’t come cheap and this is mainly because of the different variety of spices they use in their cooking. I do not know exactly what are the differences between South Indian food and North Indian food but as far as I know, North Indian cuisines are less spicy compared to South Indian food. This time we tried Leaf Dining South Indian Restaurant which is located on the same row as Maybank and Public Bank at Solaris Mont Kiara.


There are so many items on the menu that we had a very hard time choosing which one to order. According to the menu, Kampung Chicken Masala is one of the claypot delight recommended by the chef.


We ordered a Butter Naan Bread to go with the Kampung Chicken Masala. The Kampung Chicken Masala gravy is quick thick and it goes very well with the Naan bread. In case you were wondering, the Kampung Chicken Masala @ RM11.00 was cooked earlier on and were heated up upon order. I suppose, they only cook their main dishes in the morning and it will remain available until the end of the day.

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Barbecue Kuala Lumpur

BarBQ Plaza Promotion – Happy Refill or Super Refill

BarBQ Plaza’s Refill Promotion is back due to popular demand. There are two refills types which you can choose from; the Happy Refill or the Super Refill. BarBQ Plaza’s Happy Refill is priced at RM29.90 (kids RM16.90) and Super Refill is priced at RM39.90 (kids RM19.90). Basically you get to choose either to have an Economy Pork Set or the Economy Beef Set. Then you may add on more food by refilling your order as much as you want for up to a dining period of 120 minutes.


For Happy Refill you get to refill up to 22 choices of food and drinks. And for Super Refill, you get to choose anything you want from the Happy Refill menu and an additional 15 more choices of food. This is BBQ Plaza Economy Pork Set and this set is for two person.

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Empire Damansara Japanese Food Ramen

Ramen Kanbe (Malaysia) at Empire Damansara

Do you like the Japanese noodles commonly known as Ramen? If you do, which soup base do you prefer? The chicken base or pork base?


Recently I visited Ramen Kanbe, an eatery which offers distinctive flavored broth based ramens. Their Charsiu Ramenis priced at RM21 consisting of 7 thinly sliced of charsiu, some high quality kelp from Hokkaido served with Ramen Kanbe’s distinctive flavored soup and soya sauce and garnished with some spring onions. Eggs are not included in this bowl of ramen but if you wish to have one or two, you may order the soft-boiled eggs for RM3.00 an egg.


If you are a familiar with ramen, you should know that the broth plays an important part here. Ramen Kanbe’s broth is made of chicken bones and vegetables boiled for very long hours. According to its menu, they claimed that they boil the chicken broth for up to 7 hours. 7 hours is really a very long period of time. No wonder the soup taste so good.


If you would like to have more charsiu, you may order this Otsumami Charsiu which is priced at RM10.00. The taste differs slightly from the ones dipped into the ramen broth the later are more flavorful thanks to Ramen Kanbe’s custom made soy sauce. For your information, Ramen Kanbe’s soy sauce is made of a mixture of two kinds of authentically brewed soy sauces, some high quality kelp from Hokkaido and salt. The taste is very distinctive and I don’t remember tasting anything like this elsewhere.

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Coffee Desserts and Beverages Kota Damansara Malaysia

Three Bags Full at Kota Damansara, wait a minute, 3 Bags Full of What?

It’s three bags full of indulgence, full of happiness and full of spices. You must be wondering what the heck am I talking about. It’s the 3 Bags Full Cafe that was recently opened at Kota Damansara. Referring to their Facebook page, they claimed to be the pioneers to the philosophy of, good food, great service and excellent coffee. Who can say no to that?

Looking at their mascot, a sheep sheared halfway, I was expecting that they specializes in lambs. But no, the lamb is just a mascot. Some of the food they have on their menu are sandwiches, pastas and etc. We were there for lunch that day and there are not many choices other than a variety of sandwiches and pastas. So we ordered Three Bags Full’s Norwegian Benedict at RM 23.00. There are so much going on in this sandwich that I couldn’t really tell for certain what they have in this Norwegian Benedict, but I am going to try to recall anyway. The ingredients include eggs, turkey ham, asparagus and etc. with hollandaise sauce.


We also ordered their Buffalo Cheese Sandwich which is basically lots of greens, tomatoes, egg, turkey ham with bread. Priced at RM23.00, I feel that this meal kind of let me down a little bit. I don’t get any of the blueberry mascarpone and buffalo cheese taste. I thought that the greens took up most of the flavor of this meal. So it was like eating a vege burger.


For coffee, I think they do serve good coffee here. I love their coffee. Nothing fancy, just some plain and simple artwork done on the coffee. Good stuff. Other than good coffee, they also serve good desserts. I would recommend you to try Three Bags Full’s Sizzling Brownie at RM17.00. My camera ran out of batteries that day, so I do not have a picture to show here. So sorry about that. read more »

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