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Avenue K Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur City Centre Malaysia

Caliburger – the sunny Southern California style burger @ Avenue K

CaliBurger has just opened its first branch in Malaysia three weeks ago. CaliBurger opened their first restaurant in China three years ago and had since expanded to other countries such as Taiwan, Philippines, Middle East and they are now in Malaysia. CaliBurger will be opening it’s second outlet at Sunway Pyramid soon.


There are currently only 4 types of burger you could choose from; the CaliBurger (Beef), CaliDouble (Beef), Cali Chicken Sandwich and Chipotle BBQ Chicken Sandwich. For combos, fries and bottomless soft drinks are included. You may also choose to upgrade your fries to Wild Fries and drinks to Milkshakes.


To order, just go to the counter and place your order. Then you will be given a buzzer. Once your order is ready, you will be buzzed to collect your order from the counter. We were told that the burgers are only cooked upon order and it takes about 5 to 6 minutes for your order to be prepared.


We ordered their signature, the CaliBurger which is basically a cheese beef burger with caramelised onions, some lettuce, tomatoes and pickles. I personally prefer this CaliBurger more if compare with the Cali Chicken Sandwich as it is not too dry.


This is CaliBurger’s Cali Chicken Sandwich priced at RM16.99 for a combo and RM11.99 for a la carte. CaliBurger prepares their buns and patties fresh daily and in order to ensure the freshness of the food, no preservatives are added. One important to note also, they claim not to use any frozen food. Everything from the buns to their fries are made fresh! That’s the reason why they require some time to cook before the food is served.


We also ordered their Cali Wings which comes with 4 pieces of chicken wings for only RM7.99. There are two types of sauces which you could choose from; Cali BBQ sauce or Cali Hot Wing Sauce. We tried the Cali Hot Wing sauce and we thought that the vinegar taste is too strong. So if you do not like it too sour, you should opt for their Cali BBQ sauce instead. read more »

Malaysia Satay

Satay Willy at Ramal Food Junction, Kajang

Satay Willy has the longest queue in Kajang. If you do not have the time to wait then go to others. But if you are willing to wait for this amazingly good satay, please do so. It takes only about 45 minutes to an hour for your order to be served. Yes. That was how long we waited. We waited almost an hour before we got our satay.


So what is so good about Satay Willy? Satay Willy’s chicken satays are chunky and very flavorful. They were marinated and barbecued over very hot charcoal fire to perfection. We enjoyed it very much. There are four types of satay available here: chicken, beef and perut @ RM0.80, lamb @ RM1, while lontong is priced at RM1 each. The price has increased in June 2015 and these prices may not be the latest price.


If you do not want to queue for too long, you should go there earlier. Whether you are having it on the spot or taking away, both lines are really long. If you don’t mind queuing, trust me, it is worth the wait.

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Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Johnny Rockets-The Restaurant with Dancing Waiters and Waitresses

Johnny Rockets – The Original Burger

Have you been to Johnny Rockets? If you have been to Johnny Rockets, you would know that the staffs at Johnny Rockets would sing and dance every half-hour. Johnny Rockets is an American restaurant franchise with theme decor of illustrations of women in World War II armed services uniforms, jukebox stations, chrome accents and red vinyl seats.

Some of the popular items at Johnny Rockets include burgers, sandwiches and milkshakes. This is Johnny Rocket’s Burger, the Rocket Single priced at RM22.90. The Rocket Single is basically made of cheddar cheese, crisp coral lettuce, fresh tomato slice, white onions and a special sauce. For those of you who doesn’t like the onion taste to linger after your meal, you should remove the white onion entirely. I find that the onion taste is too strong and had had it removed. The burger is huge and a rocket single is served with fries and also salad.


We also ordered their Chicken Club Sandwich at RM22.90. The portion for this chicken club sandwich is humongous. It is so huge that if you are a small eater, you should share this with another person. Otherwise, it would be too much for you. One thing that I didn’t like about this chicken club sandwich is that they did not cut away the ends of the bread. The sides of the bread is too hard. Overall, the sandwich is also too dry to my liking. In my opinion, the burger is much better.


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Cheras Japanese Food Kuala Lumpur

Imai-Ya Japanese Restaurant at Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

There are many good Japanese restaurants in town. And one of them is this newly opened Japanese restaurant called Imai-Ya. Imai-Ya is only about 6 months old when we visited their restaurant. When we arrived at Imai-Ya that afternoon, there were already a table of Japanese customers dining at Imai-Ya. If you see Japanese dining at a Japanese restaurant that kept ordering more and more food to their table, you can expect that the food is good. We were told by the manager that these group of Japanese were their repeating customers and to be just 6 months old with Japanese as repeating customers, Imai-Ya is definitely doing something right.


I have always love unagi and if it is on the menu, that would be the first thing that I would order. This is Imai-Ya’s Special Unagi Maki which is basically crabstick wrapped with rice and topped with a slice of unagi, avocado and some roe. This pretty looking Special Unagi Maki is priced at RM37.20.


If you like fish roe and sashimi salmon, you would love Imai-Ya’s Salmon Nishoku. Don’t let my photo deceive you. The portion for this dish is actually quite big and for RM13.90 only, this dish is a steal. Hey, salmon is not cheap okay.


Don’t like the fish roe? Then try this Aki Sashimi Moriawase, a plate of three chunky slices each of three different types of fish – salmon fish, yellow-tail fish and tuna fish.

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