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SUKI-YA Japanese Restaurant at Mont Kiara

When was the last time you had steamboat? Last night? Last week? Last year? Or you can’t remember? When you last had a steamboat buffet is not important. Where to get good steamboat is more important. Recently, I tried Suki-Ya, an eat all you can sukiyaki and shabu shabu at Mont Kiara. For RM38.90 per person, you’ll get to order anything from their menu and also you’ll get to take any additional food at their healthy bar.


On their menu, you may choose any meat you want from chicken, beef to lamb. Everything sliced very thinly making it easier to cook.


You’ll also get to choose from 4 soup bases such as the shabu-shabu, sukiyaki, miso and kimuchi.
Shabu shabu is low in calories and light on the palate. Sukiyaki on the other hand is sweetened soy-sauce broth. Miso is soup made with fermented soybeans which is full of antioxidants like vitamin E, as well as protective fatty acids. Kimuchi soup is a spicy soup made with authentic Kimchi base, spicy Miso and various vegetable base. Out of the four broths, I would recommend you to order shabu shabu as it taste really good all the way to the end of the meal. Our sukiyaki soup on the other hand get really salty towards the end.

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1 Utama Dessert Desserts and Beverages

Nana’s Green Tea Malaysia at One Utama

Do you like desserts? If you do, here’s one that you should try, Nana’s Green Tea, a Japanese cafe serving green tea based desserts and drinks. There are many types of desserts available here and I am not going to go through each and everyone of them but just the few that we’ve managed to try.


Before that, here is some information about the Matcha green powder used by Nana’s Green Tea. The Matcha green tea powder used here is made from high quality green tea which has been grinded with a tool called “Chasen”. Matcha green tea contains vitamins and polyphenols (antioxidant) and has a healing effect to achieve a balanced holistic wellbeing – basically this is something everyone needs.


On the left, this is the Matcha Anmitsu @ RM18.48 – which is basically Matcha ice cream, red bean paste and Mochi served on a bed of “Kanten” Japanese healthy traditional jelly and caramelized brown sugar syrup. On the right is the Matcha Kuromitsu Latte @ RM11.88 – Matcha latte topped with whipped cream and drizzle of caramelized brown sugar syrup.


This is Kinako Warabimochi, a jelly made of bracken starch dipped in Kinako. What is Kinako you ask? Kinako is sweet toasted soybeans. Texture wise, it is starchy and chewy. There is another flavor to this Warabimochi, the Matcha Warabimochi – jelly made of bracken starch dipped in Matcha green tea. Both Warabimochi is priced at RM16.28 each bowl.

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Ampang Char Kuey Teow

Wan Char Kuey Teow at Residensi Bistaria, Ampang

Have you heard of Baby Lobster Char Kuey Teow? I sure didn’t heard about baby lobster char kuey teow before. We all know that the normal char kuey teow are almost always served with prawns but never a baby lobster.

So where can you find a baby lobster char kuey teow? You can find it at Wan Char Kuey Teow at Residensi Bistaria in Ampang. The baby lobster is fried separately before serving it together with the char kuey teow ‘basah’. A plate of baby lobster char kuey teow is priced at RM15.


Other than baby lobster, you can also find soft shell crab char kuey teow here. A plate of soft shell crab char kuey teow is priced at RM13.

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Kuala Lumpur

The Accidental Bakers – Stressed spelt backwards is Desserts

“Stressed spelt backwards is Desserts”. So if you are under stress and if you would like to destress, you should have some desserts. There are many desserts shops or businesses out there. One that I recommend that you should try is The Accidental Bakers. The Accidental Bakers was founded by three friends and self-professed foodies, Hazwan, Yoong and Tan. They have no professional culinary experience but they started baking through trial and error. They now bake at their own home kitchens and are now supplying their baked items to selected cafes and selling their cakes online.


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