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Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake at One Utama

There are many bakeries and cafes around town which offer good cheesecakes. They all come in different sizes and in different flavours. Have you heard of Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake? Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake is quite different from the other cheesecakes around. What is the difference between Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake and the others?


To answer the above question, take a look at the ingredients used in making them. The ingredients used to make Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake are cream cheese, egg, milk, butter, sugar and flour. Just six ingredients to produce these cotton soft and fluffy cheesecake.


All cheesecakes are made on the spot.


First, place your order at the counter. If you would like to buy their cheesecake, you will need to queue for it. As for the others such as uncle Tetsu’s Hat Series Cheese Zuccoto and their Cheese Sticks, just head straight to the counter to purchase them as no queuing is necessary.


The reason why is this, they take time to produce these cheesecakes and due to the limitation in the production, each customer are entitled to purchase only one piece at one time. For the time being, they can only produce 10 to 12 pieces every 30 to 40 minutes. So you can be sure that each piece of cheesecake are fresh from the oven.


I waited for about 20 minutes before my turn was up.


Some important facts to take note – Eat the Cake When it’s still WARM! Note that they do not have seating areas, so you will need to purchase it and either bring it home or stop at another place to have it in order to consume it when it’s still warm.


Alternatively, you may also heat them up in an oven. But I would suggest against doing this unless absolutely necessary as if you reheat it, it may become dry. The best is to consume them immediately.


So, my verdict on Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake is this. They are indeed cotton soft and fluffy and it is exactly how they describe it. It is as how they had described it. It is not heavy at all unlike the other cheesecakes available elsewhere.


If you would like to purchase Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake make sure you go early and that you have some time to spare as the queue is so looooong.


Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake (Malaysia)
One Utama (Highstreet – New Wing) Lot LGK-2A

Magnum Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Magnum Ice Cream

Have you heard about the opening of Magnum Ice Cream Restaurant in Mid Valley Megamall in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia?

Have you been to Magnum Ice Cream Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur?


If you have not been there before, you should head over there right now. Magnum Ice Cream Restaurant has just opened recently in Kuala Lumpur. According to the Magnum’s menu, this will be their 19th restaurant out of the many restaurants opened around the world. At Magnum restaurant, you may make your own Magnum step-by-step. First, you choose either chocolate brownie or classic vanilla. Then, you may choose to either coat it with dark, white or milk chocolate and thereafter top your Magnum ice cream up with a variety of toppings.


Then, drizzle your Magnum Ice Cream with more chocolate and wait for it to set. Once your Magnum Ice Cream is ready, take a picture or two and enjoy it.


If you prefer custom made ones, they are also available too.


We chose Magnum’s Fruity Loops, a classic vanilla ice cream with white chocolate coating topped with dried mango, raspberries, pistachios, dark chocolate pearls and drizzled with dark chocolate.


We also ordered their Magnum Galaxy priced at RM30.00 which is basically a vanilla Magnum ice cream dipped in white and dark chocolate with shards of sesame and white chocolate sheets, served with black sesame sponge and mascarpone cream.


Other than ice cream desserts, Magnum Restaurant also has snacks like fries and chicken wings in their menu too.



Magnum Restaurant also offers main meals such as spaghetties, wagyu and etc.


To find out more about Magnum Kuala Lumpur, you may visit their facebook page.


Where is Magnum Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia?

Magnum Kuala Lumpur
T023, 052-053
Mid Valley Megamall
Opening hours : 10.00am to 10.00pm (Sundays to Thursdays) – last order 9.30pm
10.00am to 12.00am (Fridays and Saturdays) – last order 11.30pm

What to eat in Ipoh – Sin Eng Heong – Kaya Puffs

“What to eat in Ipoh?” is the same question I ask myself over and over again whenever I visits Ipoh town. Ipoh is famous for its food, Ipoh Tauge Chicken Rice, Salted Chicken and etc. This time we took a turn to Sin Eng Heong at Jalan Mustapha Al-bakri in Taman Jubilee, Ipoh to buy some kaya puffs.  There were already a crowd when we went there. Luckily the queue wasn’t too long as it was a rainy day.


There are various other traditional biscuits that available at Sin Eng Heong but I didn’t bother because I am only here for their kaya puffs.  If you are lucky, you may get the ones that had just came straight out from the oven.  These kaya puffs tastes the best when it is piping hot.


How to Lose Weight Fast?

Drop A Jeans Size Diet

There are so many good and delicious food out there. And being a food blogger, it is difficult for me to maintain my weight. I have been going around looking for good food in order to share with all of you here. By doing so, I actually took risks so that you do not have to go through what I am going through in order to find good food.  To be very honest, I have been putting on a little weight and even cellulite starts to show around my thigh. Now, nobody wish to have cellulite and giant thighs, right? I’m sure some of you out there are also facing a similar problem with me, right?

So I look into the search engine to look for ways to reduce my body weight and at the same time reduce the cellulite that are showing around my thigh.  After going through many websites, they all show one thing in common, that is exercise. So I told myself that I need to exercise. So I set an achievable  target, that is I must exercise at least three times a week and each time, at least half an hour.  But everyday, I find my little voice telling me that I’ll do it tomorrow or I’m too tired to do it today or I’ll start my exercise tomorrow. I kept looking for excuse, excuse and more excuse.

The key to a reducing or losing some weight is to watch what I eat and also to exercise more often. Now, these words “watch what I eat” and “exercise more often” is something I repeated to myself over and over again. Even though I know that I have to watch what I eat and exercise more often, but I still remain the same.

Then, one day, I stumble upon this website  and found that there are better ways to lose some weight, especially areas around my thigh in only 9 days!  This may seem impossible to accomplish but when you had set your mind to do something. Nothing can really stop you.  Now that I have found the secret of keeping myself slim and fit, I have more energy to go out to look for more better food to share with all of you here.

Drop A Jeans Size Diet

Drop A Jeans Size Diet


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